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Cub Scout Pack 618 is one of four cub scout packs in Lebanon, Ohio.  We are part of the Hopewell Scout District which encompasses Warren County, Middletown, Monroe, Franklin, and Carlisle.  The Hopewell Scout District is one of eight districts in the Dan Beard Council comprising 15 counties in southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky.  Each cub scout pack is chartered (sponsored) by a church or other organization.  Pack 618 is chartered by Countryside YMCA.

Our pack program focuses on teaching and living the scout law, service to other people, and service to our community.  We actively work with and in our geographic community and with our scouting community.  We have lots of fun learning life skills and making lasting friendships.  Each year we do a number of community service projects.  One or more of these projects is to benefit Countryside YMCA as way of showing our gratitude for all they do for us. 

A Cub Scout Pack is a large group of scouts organized by age, gender and grade into dens.  Each den is made up of boys or girls of the same age or grade level.  Ideally, each den consists of five to nine scouts with an Adult Den Leader and Assistant. There are 6 ranks of cub scouts; Lion (Kindergarten), Bobcat, Tiger (1st Grade), Wolf, Bear (2nd Grade), Bear (3rd Grade) and Webelos (4th and 5th grades).

The Pack Meeting is held once each month and is the meeting that brings all the dens together to celebrate each other's achievements during the previous month.  Pack 618 typically holds our Pack Meetings at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month in the Event Center at Countryside YMCA. Exceptions do come up occasionally due to scheduling difficulties or special events that force us to change the day and/or location.  We notify families in advance if this happens. Pack meetings give scouts and dens an opportunity to show off new skills they've learned and share what they have been working on during the previous month.  Rank advancement and other recognition is awarded.  Responsibilities for flag ceremonies rotate thru the dens.  In rotation, each den will also share a skit or song they have learned. In addition, we try to always include some type of entertaining program or activity for the scouts and their families.  These meetings typically last 1 - 1.5 hours.

The Den Meeting is scheduled by the den leader with the den parents. Typically dens meet 2-4 times per month.  It is in these meetings that activities, trips, and learning opportunities are presented to help move the scouts along their rank path.  The den leader is in charge of coordinating the den meeting and is usually the master of ceremonies, but responsibilities can and should be shared with parents giving each family an opportunity to help plan and run den meetings.  A well run den utilizes the talents and interests of all the parents to help move scouts forward.  A typical den meeting lasts 1-2 hours varying by age and attention span of the scouts.

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